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Madeline Anderson (2nd Season)

Actor #4, A Christmas Carol

Brenna Arden

Mrs. Sabrina Daldry, In the Next Room...

Catharine Holly, Suddenly Last Summer

Bridgitte Batista
Elizabeth, In the Next Room...

April Brault

Julia Budder, It's Only A Play
Sister Felicity, Suddenly Last Summer

Marisa Davis
Miss Foxhill, Suddenly Last Summer

Gabriel Garcia (5th Season)
Associate Artistic Director

Frank Finger, It's Only A Play

Jessica Hamilton
Rachael, Appropriate

Logan, The Thanksgiving Play

Roy Hamlin (2nd Season)
Mr. Daldry, In the Next Room...

Luke Haynes (2nd Season)
Gus, It's Only A Play
Caden, The Thanksgiving Play

Jeanine Henry (3rd Season)
Violet Venable, Suddenly Last Summer


Rose Lamarre (3rd Season)

Virginia Noyes, It's Only A Play

Mrs. Holly, Suddenly Last Summer

Scott Leavitt
Leo, In the Next Room...
George Holly, Suddenly Last Summer

David Lowe (2nd Season)
James Wicker, It's Only A Play

Marc Lucia

Dr. Givings, It's Only A Play

Matthew MacDermid (6th Season)

Producing Artistic Director

Bo, Appropriate

Sarah Malfara
Mrs. Catherine Givens, In the Next Room...

Thomas Muniz (6th Season)
Ira Drew, It's Only A Play
Actor #2, A Christmas Carol

Janine Papin (3rd Season)

Toni, Appropriate

Actor #1, A Christmas Carol

Maddy Poston

Cassidy, Appropriate

Bennet Preuss
Rhys, Appropriate

Ken Preuss
Peter Austin, It's Only A Play

Andres Procel

Franz, Appropriate
Dr. Cukrowicz, Suddenly Last Summer
Jaxton, The Thanksgiving Play

Shelby Mae Randle (3rd Season)
River, Appropriate

Hunter Rogers (2nd Season)
Actor #5, A Christmas Carol

Briana Small (3rd Season)
Actor #4, A Christmas Carol

Phoenix Swonger
Ainsley, Appropriate

Angela Marie Young (2nd Season)
Alicia, The Thanksgiving Play


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