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Madeline Anderson (2nd Season)

Actor #4, A Christmas Carol

Brenna Arden

Mrs. Sabrina Daldry, In the Next Room...

Catharine Holly, Suddenly, Last Summer

Bridgitte Batista
Elizabeth, In the Next Room...

April Brault

Julia Budder, It's Only A Play
Sister Felicity, Suddenly, Last Summer

Marisa Davis
Miss Foxhill, Suddenly, Last Summer

Sarah French (3rd Season)

Logan, The Thanksgiving Play

Gabriel Garcia (5th Season)
Associate Artistic Director

Frank Finger, It's Only A Play

Jessica Hamilton
Rachael, Appropriate

Roy Hamlin (2nd Season)
Mr. Daldry, In the Next Room...

Luke Haynes (2nd Season)
Gus, It's Only A Play
Caden, The Thanksgiving Play

Jeanine Henry (3rd Season)
Violet Venable, Suddenly, Last Summer


Rose Lamarre (3rd Season)

Virginia Noyes, It's Only A Play

Mrs. Holly, Suddenly, Last Summer

Scott Leavitt
Leo, In the Next Room...
George Holly, Suddenly, Last Summer

David Lowe (2nd Season)
James Wicker, It's Only A Play

Marc Lucia

Dr. Givings, It's Only A Play

Matthew MacDermid (6th Season)

Producing Artistic Director

Bo, Appropriate

Sarah Malfara
Mrs. Catherine Givens, In the Next Room...

Thomas Muniz (6th Season)
Ira Drew, It's Only A Play
Actor #2, A Christmas Carol

Janine Papin (3rd Season)

Toni, Appropriate

Actor #1, A Christmas Carol

Maddy Poston

Cassidy, Appropriate

Bennet Preuss
Rhys, Appropriate

Ken Preuss
Peter Austin, It's Only A Play

Andres Procel

Franz, Appropriate
Dr. Cukrowicz, Suddenly, Last Summer
Jaxton, The Thanksgiving Play

Shelby Mae Randle (3rd Season)
River, Appropriate

Hunter Rogers (2nd Season)
Actor #5, A Christmas Carol

Briana Small (3rd Season)
Actor #4, A Christmas Carol

Phoenix Swonger
Ainsley, Appropriate

Angela Marie Young (2nd Season)
Alicia, The Thanksgiving Play


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